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Our Story

In March 2022, we (Sonia, Julia and Alice) came together to create a one-off collaborative event in Sydney, Australia to empower women with financial freedom and fulfilment. That first event was a great success! 

Within 6 months we launched sold-out events in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne (all in Australia) and Auckland, New Zealand.

During this time we also launched our first online course "Shift Your Energy in 8 Days" which taught women over four different continents how to elevate their vibration and manifest their desires.

This is only just the beginning of our flourishing journey. We aim to empower over 100,000 women all over the world with financial freedom and fulfilment by December 2022 and we'd love for you to be one of them! 

Hi! I’m Julia


Founder of Love Luck Wealth, I close the gap between women and wealth.

Ladies, money DOES grow on trees and there’s ALWAYS a way to reach your financial goals. It's just that you don't see it yet.

Money in the hands of women is a GOOD thing! And I want you to have more. 

I help women eliminate financial fears, uncover money blocks. I empower you to set yourself up for massive financial success the feminine way because the world needs more wealthy women! 

Hi! I’m Sonia


An Award-winning, 3x Bestselling Author and Entrepreneur, I understand the genius of balance in life; having 3 children in 2 ½ years whilst building my company; writing books; speaking and podcasting. I have a life-long dedication to creatively empower positive change and healing in the world.

Founder of Flourish for Mums, and a highly regarded 'self-care wing woman', I take wellness to a whole new level; as women embrace a life of ease, flow and vibrancy; redefining self-care as their superpower.

Hi! I’m Alice


A passionately energised Founder of Empowered by Alice, I lead women back to a powerful reconnection with themselves through my signature programs and my well-being retreats. I draw inspiration from my own transformative, personal journey of fulfillment; after ending my 21-year global career in healthcare; to up-level my way of living.

I gift women with the courage and powerful tools they need, to step into their best life, on their own terms; and by their own design.

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