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Each month, Alice, Julia or Sonia share their expertise and wisdom around the topics of CLARITY, TIME & MONEY to empower women all over the world to flourish with financial freedom and fulfilment. 

Our Masterclasses are included in our Flourishing Ladies Membership, but can also be accessed individually. 

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25th January at 12pm AEDT
Intuition & Human Design
with Alice Schaefer

During this 45-minute Masterclass, Alice will share how to recognise and use your intuition based on your Human Design profile. 

For decades we have been relying on our brain for decision making, rather than using our intuition or gut feeling, which has caused a disconnect from one of the most powerful tools we have inside of us as human beings. 

Your Human Design profile holds the key on how to access your intuition and most importantly how your intuition speaks to you.

Did you know that not all of us are designed to make decisions on the spot? Some of us have to wait an emotional cycle until we have the clarity we need to make a decision. 

Join us at this upcoming Masterclass and learn how to use your intuition for everyday use and life-changing decision making. 


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During the first quarter of 2023, the Flourishing Ladies Masterclasses are designed around helping you to create an empowered mindset, helping you to flourish.

Here is a sneak preview of what's to come over the next two months:

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23 February 2023

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with Sonia Bestulic

23 March 2023

How to create an empowering mindset to lift your vibration